Technical information

High Performance Entry Systems

  • Effectively stops damaging dirt and moisture at the door.
  • A rubber reinforced “bi-level” cleaning surface is permanently molded into the product.
  • Eliminates crushing of the surface insuring long term cleaning effectiveness.
  • Allows dirt and moisture to fall below traffic level until?it can be removed.
  • Stop Soil and Water at the Door
  • Approximately 80% of contaminants enter buildings through entryways.
  • Waterhog entry systems: Stop contaminants at the door reducing the cost of cleaning labor and the cost and use of chemicals.
  • Protects floor surfaces from premature wear.
  • Reduce Volatile Organic Compounds.

Provide Safety

  • Waterhog entry systems store water so it cannot leak onto the floor and become a slip hazard.
  • Waterhog entry systems are also certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute of the USA.

A Name You Can Trust

  • All Waterhog products feature a 5 year guarantee.

Carpet Top :

  • 100% Post Consumer Recycled PET Polyester Fiber reclaimed from drink bottles.

Rubber Backing:

  • 15% Post Consumer Recycled Rubber Reclaimed from Tires.

Why choose Waterhog ?

The Waterhog high performance entrance system, effectively stops damaging dirt and moisture at the entrance, better than any other system on the market.
Through its unique manufacturing process, a molded, rubber reinforced ‘bi-level’ cleaning surface is permanently built into the product.
This eliminates crushing and provides an open pattern design, allowing dirt and moisture to easily fall below the traffic surface where they remain until removed.
The Waterhog is ideal for high traffic entryways such as office buildings, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals and other commercial buildings.

New products

Our fully washable Waterhog Plus mats are suitable for High Traffic areas thanks to the raised rubber reinforced nub surface.
The fast-drying Polyester surface of the Waterhog Plus mats is made from 100% post consumer recycled P.E.T. material.
The Waterhog Plus has excellent scraping capabilities and absorbs up to 4.5 liters of moisture per m² and is suitable for both indoor- and outdoor applications.